In the Name of Osama Bin Laden

Global Terrorism and the Bin Laden Brotherhood

In the Name of Osama Bin Laden

Book Pages: 320 Illustrations: Published: February 2002

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“A must read for all who continue to grapple with the twin legacy of hatred and hope from September 11. . . “*

International terrorism expert Roland Jacquard’s In the Name of Osama bin Laden presents a dramatic portrait of the world's most wanted terrorist and his extensive brotherhood--the network of people who operate “in his name.” Published originally in France the very week of September 11, as events in the United States shook the world, the book has become an international bestseller.
Jacquard details how bin Laden became an international emblem of fundamentalist, pan-Islamic, anti-U.S. fervor and the leader of a brotherhood so passionate that devotees who have never met him will act autonomously in his name. The author explains the global character of bin Laden’s organization, elaborating the extent of his sphere of influence in Europe and Asia. Jacquard reveals the construction of bin Laden’s networks—including a profile of his inner circle—and their collaboration with overlapping webs of banking, drug trafficking, religious, and terrorist organizations. He considers the brotherhood’s access to biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons and warns that, with or without bin Laden, this global terrorist force will remain a threat.
Now in English, this edition has been substantially updated in light of recent world events and expanded to include previously unpublished materials, featuring a new introduction and afterword. New documents include an April 2001 interview by the author with bin Laden; a September 24 proclamation by bin Laden to Muslims in Pakistan; and a key page from Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri’s book justifying eternal jihad, which was smuggled out of Afghanistan in October 2001.


“Bin Laden himself has succeeded as a terrorist because he is patient yet driven; he also appreciates the value of money and is adept at generating it. And like many terrorists, he has prospered by infusing essentially political causes with religious significance. Jacquard’s emphasis on this point, along the wealth of illuminating material provided, will change the way readers look at terrorist and nationalist conflicts.” — Josh Stevens , Gateway Heritage

“A detailed account of groups connected to bin Laden . . . . This excellent journalistic overview for specialists, students, and general readers includes an appendix of 40 documents in English and Arabic.” — R. H. Dekmejian , Choice

“As one of several recent works on Osama bin Laden, Jacquard’s provides the deeper examination of the worldwide structure of Islamic fundamentalism and its associated terrorism. . . . An appendix consisting of 40 documents brings a chilling reality to the narrative. For all libraries.” — Library Journal

“Jacquard gives us both a compelling biography of the terrorist leader and a glimpse into the way his network is run. The book, which was originally published in France the same week as the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Pennsylvania attacks, was revised and expanded to take the attacks into account before it was published in the United States. What it provides is a picture of a dangerous, arrogant man with the money and the mind to accomplish horrifying feats.” — Anne Wagner , National Journal

“This latest entry into the Osama bin Laden publishing sweepstakes stands out for its exhaustive research and prescience . . . . While the story has been told elsewhere, Jacquard brings new details. He’s particularly provocative on bin Laden’s travels during the early 1990s, arguing that he returned to Afghanistan only after quarreling with the Sudanese government. He also effectively details the tentacles of al-Qaeda throughout the world, putting together the most comprehensive description of a broad network in Europe and throughout Asia. Documents translated from Arabic and French give additional evidence and background. . . . [A] balanced, sweeping description of the bin Laden threat.” — Publishers Weekly

"The general public, government officials, police departments, other security agencies, diplomats, scholars, and others could learn a lot from this page-turner. Jacquard brings the reader into the murky and menacing three-dimensional-chess world of international terrorists and their hunters. . . . [A]n excellent attempt at explaining a very dangerous, complex, and influential group of people." — Paul Sullivan, Al Jadid

*“Bin Laden’s genesis and genius are all chronicled in Jacquard’s sweeping account of the Saudi born terrorist and his brotherhood. The book rightfully brings into focus the role of modern media, especially satellite TV and the Internet, in bin Laden’s cunning wager that he could defeat the U.S. as a world power. A chilling read,a must read for all who continue to grapple with the twin legacy of hatred and hope from September 11.” — Bruce B. Lawrence, author of Shattering the Myth: Islam Beyond Violence


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Roland Jacquard is President of the Paris-based International Observatory on Terrorism. A Strategic Expert and Consultant on Terrorism to the United Nations Security Council, Jacquard regularly testifies before the United Nations Security Council. He is quoted widely in the international press--France, Germany, and the UK—and has been interviewed and in the United States by The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, and Newsday. Since the events of September 11, 2001, Jacquard has regularly been quoted as "a leading expert on terrorism" in Time Magazine, where he wrote a major piece on the newly discovered "Encyclopedia of Jihad." He has appeared on CNN and CBS. Jacquard frequently travels to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and will be traveling to India and China in the near future. He is the author of a dozen books (in French) on terrorism and espionage, including The Secret Files of Terrorism; The War of the Lie: A Secret History of Disinformation; Fatwa Against the West; and Carlos (the Jackal): The Secret Files.

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Preface ix

Introduction / Samia Serageldin 1

1 A Young Man from a Good Family 11

2 From Riyadh to Peshawar 20

3 Exile in the Sudan 27

4 Among the Taliban 37

5 The Islamic Legion 54

6 The Anti-American Crusade 73

7 Target: Bin Laden 86

8 Osama bin Laden Confronts the Arab World 93

9 The Bin Laden Brotherhood 99

10 Asian Fever 118

11 The Bin Laden Network's Billions 126

12 Drugs and Terrorism 135

13 Jihad's New Weapons 142

Epilogue 158

Afterward / Samia Serageldin 160

Appendix 167

Glossary 274

Notes 276

Index 289
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