Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law 38:2: The Supreme Court′s PPACA Decision

An issue of: Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law

Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law 38:2
Journal Issue Pages: 268 Volume 38, Number 2 Published: April 2013 An issue of Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law


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Preliminary Table of Contents (as of November 2012)


1. Editors’ Note: Provocative and Important—Colleen M. Grogan and Peter D. Jacobson 


The Supreme Court’s PPACA Decision


2. The June Surprises: Balls, Strikes, and the Fog of War—Charles Fried   


3. Something Went Wrong on the Way to the Courthouse—David A. Hyman        


4. Legal, Imagined, and Real Worlds: Reflections on the National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius—Jerry L. Mashaw    


5. Health Care Law versus Constitutional Law—Mark A. Hall       


6. “Our Own Limited Role in Policing Those Boundaries”: Taking Small Steps on Health Care—Keith E. Whittington   


7. “Our Federalism” Moves Indoors—Theodore W. Ruger  


8. Wearing the Crown of Solomon? Chief Justice Roberts and the Affordable Care Act “Tax”—Robert J. Muise and David Yerushalmi


The Policy and Politics of Reproductive Health


9. Arrests of and Forced Interventions on Pregnant Women in the United States, 1973–2005: Implications for Women’s Legal Status and Public Health—Lynn M. Paltrow and Jeanne Flavin             

10. Motherhood Preconceived: The Emergence of the Preconception Health and Health Care Initiative—Miranda R. Waggoner 


11. What Happens to the Women Who Fall through the Cracks of Health Care Reform? Lessons from Massachusetts—Amanda Dennis, Kelly Blanchard, Denisse C&oacut

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