Justice in the City: Geographical Borders and the Ethical and Political Boundaries of Responsibility

An issue of: Tikkun

Justice in the City
Journal Issue Volume 28, Number 1 Published: 2013 An issue of Tikkun
Special Issue Editor: Michael Lerner
The contributors to this special issue of Tikkun seek to redefine the boundaries of political and ethical responsibility by crediting a worldview in which we are held to account for the well-being of everyone who has “passed through our city,” if only momentarily. Their conclusions challenge the ethos of materialism that Tikkun believes is at the root of globalized capitalism and, alternatively, articulate a social justice ethos derived from the Jewish tradition of “accompaniment,” the call to take care of those who enter our common space. Contributors from Christian, Muslim, and Jewish traditions bring an interfaith perspective to the foundations of social responsibility, laying the groundwork for a new global notion of justice.

Drawing on a model from Rabbinic Judaism, one contributor discusses homelessness in Los Angeles, calling us to adopt a new, radical sense of obligation in relation to our neighbors. Another offers challenging insights from the point of view of one who grew up homeless. An essay from the Christian tradition expands this model by comparing our mutual relationships to body parts that all belong to the same whole. Another essay extracts from medieval Islamic texts a vision of the state as a caregiver and then compares this vision to life in Vancouver, where citizens’ taxes underwrite robust social services for those in need.

Contributors: Rumee Ahmed, Aryeh Cohen, Estelle Frankel, Jill Goldberg, Lisa “Tiny” Gray-Garcia, Peter Laarman, Ana Levy-Lyons, Alexia Salvatierra

Michael Lerner is editor of Tikkun and rabbi of Beyt Tikkun; his writings have appeared in many national publications. Alana Yu-lan Price is managing editor of Tikkun. Aryeh Cohen is a contributing editor to Tikkun.


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Readers Respond


Get Money Out of Politics - Rabbi Michael Lerner

How Do We Get Money Out of Politics?


Co-ops: A Good Alternative? - Lita Kurth


Geographical Borders and the Ethical and Political Boundaries of Responsibility

Justice in the City - Aryeh Cohen

Islamic Law and the Boundaries of Social Responsibility - Rumee Ahmed

We Are One Body: A Christian Perspective on Justice in the City - Alexia Salvatierra

Beyond the Limits of Love: Building the Religious Counterculture - Ana Levy-Lyons

Healing the Miser Within: The Kabbalah of Giving and Receiving - Estelle Frankel

Community Reparations to Transform Community Desolation - Lisa “Tiny” Gray-Garcia

Trauma as a Potential Source of Solidarity - Jill Goldberg

Searching for Solidarity in an Atomized Society - Peter Laarman


A Spirituality of the Commons: Where Religion and Marxism Meet - Jan Rehmann and Brigitte Kahl

The Path of the Parent: How Children Can Enrich Your Spiritual Life - Steve Taylor


The Sudden Angel Affrighted Me: God Wrestling in Denise Levertov’s Life and Art - David Shaddock


A Poet’s Meditation on Force - David Wojahn

Army Cats, by Tom Sleigh, Graywolf Press, 2011

New Poems in an Ancient Language - David Danoff

Approaching You In English, by Admiel Kosman Zephyr Press, 2011

The Magic of Organizing? - David Belden

The Inquisitor’s Apprentice, by Chris Moriarty, Harcourt Children’s Books, 2011


Morning Blessings - David Shaddock

An Alphabet - Paul Breslin


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