Knowledge⁄Value: Information, Archives, Databases

An issue of: East Asian Science, Technology and Society

Knowledge⁄Value: Information, Archives, Databases
Journal Issue Pages: 132 Volume 8, Number 4 Published: 2014 An issue of East Asian Science, Technology and Society
The articles in this collection were presented at the third conference in a series of conferences under the broad rubric “knowledge/value.” This conference, held at the University of Chicago's Beijing Center, was on the topic “Information, Databases, and Archives.” The articles collected here, all reporting on research in Asia, focus on the forms through which collective and public knowledge is rendered as information of a systematic, comparable, and collectively useful kind. The articles we gather here are particularly strong in their attention to information, database, and archive in India and China, where even the most labor-intensive state-supported database projects fall short of all the knowledge that is “out there,” unarchived and perhaps unarchivable.


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