Labor’s Contingency: New Spaces and Times of Work

An issue of: South Atlantic Quarterly

Labor’s Contingency
Journal Issue Pages: 268 Volume 111, Number 4 Published: Fall 2012 An issue of South Atlantic Quarterly
Special Issue Editor(s): Melinda Cooper, T. E. Woronov


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Lisa Adkins

Out of Work or Out of Time? Rethinking Labor after the Financial Crisis

Melinda Cooper

Workfare, Familyfare, Godfare: Transforming Contingency into Necessity

Leticia Veloso

Child Street Labor in Brazil: Licit and Illicit Economies in the Eyes of Marginalized Youth

Kalindi Vora

Limits of “Labor”: Accounting for Affect and the Biological in Transnational Surrogacy and Service Work

T. E. Woronov

Doing Time: Mimetic Labor and Human Capital Accumulation in Chinese Vocational Schools

Biao Xiang

Labor Transplant: “Point-to-Point” Transnational Labor Migration in East Asia

Jamie Peck and Nik Theodore

Politicizing Contingent Work: Countering Neoliberal Labor Market Regulation... from the Bottom Up?

Angela Mitropoulos

The Time of the Contract: Insurance, Contingency, and the Arrangement of Risk

Neferti X. M. Tadiar

Life-Times in Fate Playing

Morgan Adamson

Labor, Finance, and Counterrevolution: Finally Got the News at the End of the Short American Century


Struggles against US Military Bases

Michael Hardt

Note from the Editor

Christopher T. Nelson

Occupation without End: Opposition to the US Military in Okinawa

Marco Palma

No Dal Molin: The Antibase Movement in Vicenza

David Vine

What If You Can’t Protest the Base? The Chagossian Exile, the Struggle for Democracy, and the Military Base on Diego Garcia

Andrew Yeo

Challenging US Military Presence in the Philippines

Seungsook Moon

Protesting the Expansion of US Military Bases in Pyeongtaek: A Local Movement in South Korea

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