Legacies of ’68: Histories, Geographies, Epistemologies

An issue of: Cultural Politics

Legacies of ’68
Journal Issue Pages: 128 Volume 15, Number 3 Published: November 2019 An issue of Cultural Politics
Special Issue Editor(s): Morgan Adamson, Sarah Hamblin
In this special issue, contributors discuss the historical significance and cultural legacies of 1968 from the vantage point of contemporary politics. Focusing on the year’s geographical scope and epistemological legacies, the authors map out the global connections between the various movements that comprise 1968 and trace the legacies of these ideas to examine how the year continues to shape political, cultural, and social discourse on both the left and the right.

Contributors: Morgan Adamson, Evan Calder-Williams, Michael Gardiner, Sarah Hamblin, Isaac Kamola, Madeline Lane-McKinley, Eli Meyerhoff, Quinn Slobodian, Alberto Toscano


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