Medieval/Renaissance: After Periodization

An issue of: Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Journal Issue Pages: 212 Volume 37, Number 3 Published: 2007 An issue of Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies
Special Issue Editor(s): David Wallace, Jennifer Summit


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1. Rethinking Periodization—Jennifer Summit and David Wallace

2. The Modern Divide: From Either Side—Margreta de Grazia

3. 1453 and the Stream of Time—David Lawton

4. 1492 and the Cleaving of Hispanism—Barbara Fuchs

5. The Colonial Divide—José Rabasa

6. The Chester Cycle in Sixteenth-Century Religious Culture—Theresa Coletti

7. The Imaginary "Commons"—Jean E. Howard and Paul Strohm

8. Aesop, Authorship, and the Aesthetic Imagination—Seth Lerer

9. Periodization, Race, and Global Contact—Ania Loomba

10. New Books across the Disciplines—Michael Cornett

11. Call for Submissions

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