A Fourth Memoir


Book Pages: 160 Illustrations: Published: February 1990

Author: Wallace Fowlie

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Wallace Fowlie is known to three generations of students at Duke University for his course in Proust. His observations on the changing interests of college students (Bob Dylan to Jim Morrison, Fellini to Pasolini) are part of this fourth memoir. In Memory, Fowlie brings us once more into his broad range of vision as he examines the offerings of memory, more real to him he tells us than the town in which he now lives. the reader follows his search for words, his early more mystical search for a father-son relationship, his remembering of the small acts that determine life.


“As Fowlie continues his journey, exploring the bright vistas and pondering the ‘Lethean darkness,’ we are pulled along by the powerful engine of his unaffected narrative and the current of his crystal-clear prose as we take the journey with him, hoping it will never end.” — Sewanee Review

“For half a century, Wallace Fowlie has been one of the most prolific and influential American critics and interpreters of modern French literature.” — Magill’s Literary Annual, 1988


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Part I

1. Memory 3

2. Remembering Jacques Maritain: Paris—Muedon—New York—New Haven 16

3. Remembering Noemi Renan 30

4. The Catalpa Tree 45

Part II

5. The Story of Some Pictures 59

Part III. Remembering Three Decades of the Young

6. From the Sixties to the Seventies: Bob Dylan, The Beatles 79

7. Memory and Myth in Films 91

8. Students and Teachers: The Restless Dialogue 103

Part IV. Three-Quarters of a Century

9. Poetry Magazine is Seventy-Five Years Old (1912-1987) 117

10. Swann is Seventy-Five Years Old (1913-1988) 124

11. Remembering Leonie Adams 138

Index 147
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