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Journal Issue Pages: 144 Volume 6, Number 3 Published: 2012 An issue of East Asian Science, Technology and Society
Special Issue Editor: Osamu Sakura


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A View from the Far East: Neuroethics in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea

Osamu Sakura

Do Koreans Have an “English Brain”? A Case Study in the Commercialization of Neuroscience

Hawon Chang and Sungook Hong

Neuroethics in Taiwan: Could There Be a Confucian Solution?

Tamami Fukushi and Kevin Chien-Chang Wu

A Practical Approach to Identify the Ethical and Social Problems during Research and Development: A Model for National Research Project of Brain-Machine Interface

Nozomi Mizushima and Osamu Sakura

Subject Issue on Science and Nationalism Part II

Guest Editors: Shigeru Nakayama and Hiromi Mizuno

Introduction to the 2nd Issue of “Science and Nationalism in Asia”

Hiromi Mizuno

Posturing for Modernity: Mishima Michiyoshi and School Hygiene in Meiji Japan

Izumi Nakayama

The Politics of Local Biology in Transnational Drug Testing: Creating (Bio)identities and Reproducing (Bio)nationalism Through Japanese “Ethno-bridging” Studies

Mark Nichter and Kimberly Kelly

Asian Regeneration? Technohybridity in Taiwan’s Biotech

Jennifer A. Liu

[ Book Reviews ]

Chen, Hsiu-Jane. 'Eine strenge Prüfung deutscher Art': Der Alltag der japanischen Medizinausbildung im Zeitalter der Reform von 1868 bis 1914 ['A Rigorous German Examination': The Daily Experience of Japanese Medical Education in the Age of Reform, 1868-1914]

Eric J. Engstrom

Yasuko Takezawa 竹沢泰子ed., Jinshu gainen no fuhensei wo tou 人種概念の普遍性を問う:西洋的パラダイムを越えて[Is Race a Universal Idea? Transcending the Western Paradigm]; Yasuko Takezawa竹沢泰子ed., Jinshu no hyōshō to shakaiteki riaritii人種の表象と社会的リアリティ[The Racial Representation and Social Reality of Race]; Takezawa, Yasuko ed., Racial Representations in Asia

Wen-Hua Kuo

Yu Xinzhong 余新忠 ed., Qing yilai de jibing, yiliao he weisheng 清以來的疾病、醫療和衛生:以社會文化史為視角的探索 [Disease, Medical Practice and Public Health since the Qing: an Exploration from the Perspective of Social-Cultural History]

He Bian

Waka Hirokawa 廣川和花, Kindai Nihon no Hansen-byō mondai to chiiki shakai近代日本のハンセン病問題と地域社会 [The Leprosy Problem and Communities in Modern Japan]

Susan L. Burns

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