New German Critique 39:1 (115)

An issue of: New German Critique

New German Critique 39:1 (115)
Journal Issue Pages: 228 Volume 39, Number 1 Number: 115 Published: Winter 2012 An issue of New German Critique


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In Memoriam Miriam Hansen

Jessica Dubow and Richard Steadman-Jones

Mapping Babel: Language and Exile in W. G. Sebald's Austerlitz

Friederike Eigler

Critical Approaches to Heimat and the “Spatial Turn”

Isak Winkel Holm

Earthquake in Haiti: Kleist and the Birth of Modern Disaster Discourse

Christopher Holman

Marcuse's Affirmation: Nietzsche and the Logos of Gratification

Alison Lewis and Andrew W. Hurley

Love, Popular Music, and “Technologies of Gender” in Karen Duve's Dies ist kein Liebeslied (This Is Not a Love Song)

William Little

Leaving a Life of Political Violence: A Neo-Nazi Steigt Aus

Patrizia McBride

Narrative Resemblance: The Production of Truth in the Modernist Photobook of Weimar Germany

Noah B. Strote

The Birth of the “Psychological Jew” in an Age of Ethnic Pride

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