Novel 44:1

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Novel 44:1
Journal Issue Pages: 172 Volume 44, Number 1 Published: Spring 2011 An issue of Novel
Special Issue Editor: Ian Baucom


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Futures of the Novel-Ian Baucom

The Novel without Literatue

-Carlos J. Alonso

“This Will Kill That”: A Provocation on the Novel in Media History-Jonathan Arac

The Future in and of the Novel

- Nancy Armstrong

Objecting to Novelty: The Objectivity of the Novelistic-Jennifer L. Fleissner

The African Example-Simon Gikandi

The Novel Problematic-Timothy Bewes

Refusing the Death of the Novel-Srinivas Aravamudan

No Future?-John Plotz

Reading Novel Reading-Ellen Rooney


Desire and Genre in The Female Quixote-Zak Watson

Wish Fulfillment, Detection, and the Production of Knowledge in Bleak House-David Ben-Merre

Strange Connections: Sensation, Morality, and the Law in Margaret Oliphant's Salem Chapel-Leslie Bruce

George Eliot and the Rise of the Language of Expertise-Joseph Murtagh


Thing, Feeling, Form-Caroline Levine

The Daily and the Everyday-Mark Currie

Eccentrism-Mark Goble

American Foucault-Edward Larkin

The Circle of Return-Salamishah Tillet

Ibero-American Captivities and Their Discontents-Teresa Toulouse

Thankee, Massa-Joanne Van Der Woude

Writers and Presidents, Black and White-Russ Castronovo

Toward a Cultural Critical Field Book-Tyler Curtain

Feminism in Time-Stephanie A. Smith

The Question of Realism-Jay Clayton

Race as Masquerade-Avak Hasratian

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