Novel 44:2

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Novel 44:2
Journal Issue Pages: 176 Volume 44, Number 2 Published: Summer 2011 An issue of Novel


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Robinson Crusoe as Defoe's Theory of Fiction- Kevin Seidel

Staging Realism and the Ambivalence of Nationalism in the Colonial Novel- Ulka Anjaria

The Satanic Verses and the Politics of Extremity-Janice Ho

Henry James and the Invention of Adulthood- Teresa Michals

The Sound of Incest: Sympathetic Resonance in Melville's Pierre-Paul Hurh

The Nigger of the "Narcissus" and Modernist Haunting- Stephen Ross


Speed Reading-Timothy Wientzen

Novel Theory for Homo Sapiens-Ivan Kreilkamp

Consuming Authenticity-Jo Littler

American Literature in the Age of Mass Culture-Rachel Adams

Tardy Moderns-Jonathan Goldman

Genre Trouble-Ravit Reichman

The Regime of Mother Flannery-Neil Schmitz

Sovereignty in the Atlantic World-Lloyd Pratt

Worlding the Nation and Its Ghosts-

Mrinalini Chakravorty

Cosmopolitan Narration-Philip Steer

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