Novel 45:3

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Novel 45:3
Journal Issue Pages: 200 Volume 45, Number 3 Published: Fall 2012 An issue of Novel


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Pip, Moby-Dick, Melville's Governmentality

Pease, D.

Network Theory circa 1800: Charles Brockden Brown's Arthur Mervyn

Margolis, S.

The Nothing in the Novel: Jane Austen and the Food Plot

Lee, M. P.

Relics and Death Culture in Wuthering Heights

Lutz, D.

A Picture of Europe: Possession Trance in Heart of Darkness

Lawtoo, N.

Joyce's Census: Character, Demography, and the Problem of Population in Ulysses

Alexander, S.

Maritime Novelism

Woertendyke, G. J.

The Re-Return to Philology

Vadde, A.

Meet the New Boss/Same as the Old Boss

Travis, T.

Toeholds and Sticking Points

Stockton, K. B.

Bleaker House, Harder Times

Smajic, S.

Make It New (Again)

Sauri, E.

Written All Over the Face

Roberts, S. S.

Fiction, Restriction, and Real Money

Redfield, M.

Full-Spectrum Global Literary Studies

Moore, D. C.

Enchanted Enlightenment

Kareem, S. T.

The Persistence of Character

Hovind, J.

Literary Merit, Authenticity, and the Contemporary Canon

Dancer, T.

Realism Rethought

Anjaria, U.

Indeterminacy: Politics, Form, and Method

Andrews, L.

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