Politics of Rightful Killing

Civil Society, Gender, and Sexuality in Weblogistan

Book Pages: 312 Illustrations: 13 illustrations Published: January 2020

Author: Sima Shakhsari

Anthropology > Cultural Anthropology, Gender and Sexuality, Middle East Studies

In the early 2000s, mainstream international news outlets celebrated the growth of Weblogistan—the online and real-life transnational network of Iranian bloggers—and depicted it as a liberatory site that gave voice to Iranians. As Sima Shakhsari argues in Politics of Rightful Killing, the common assumptions of Weblogistan as a site of civil society consensus and resistance to state oppression belie its deep internal conflicts. While Weblogistan was an effective venue for some Iranians to “practice democracy,” it served as a valuable site for the United States to surveil bloggers and express anti-Iranian sentiment and policies. At the same time, bloggers used the network to self-police and enforce gender and sexuality norms based on Western liberal values in ways that unwittingly undermined Weblogistan's claims of democratic participation. In this way, Weblogistan became a site of cybergovernmentality, where biopolitical security regimes disciplined and regulated populations. Analyzing online and off-line ethnography, Shakhsari provides an account of digital citizenship that raises questions about the internet's relationship to political engagement, militarism, and democracy.


“Sima Shakhsari has crafted a superb account of the convergence of neoliberal governmentality, social media, and Iranian diasporic cultural productions. A critically compelling and rich narrative by a passionate and brilliant scholar, Politics of Rightful Killing is a significant contribution to the field of gender and sexuality studies, anthropology, and Iranian cyber studies.” — Minoo Moallem, author of Persian Carpets: The Nation as a Transnational Commodity

“A rich on- and off-line ethnographic account of what is now the artifact of techno-optimism and its post-9/11 deployment to promote imperial democracy. Sima Shakhsari's sharp analysis of rightful killing pursued in the service of freedom is a crucial addition to the biopolitical theorizing of gender, sexuality, and empire.” — Jasbir K. Puar, author of The Right to Maim: Debility, Capacity, Disability

"Sima Shakhsari's innovative new book is a welcome addition to… scholarship, and the most uncompromisingly pessimistic analysis of the politics of the Iranian internet to be published to date." — Alireza Doostdar, International Journal of Middle East Studies


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Sima Shakhsari is Assistant Professor of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Minnesota.

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Acknowledgments  vii
Prologue  xiii
Introduction  1
1. Weblogistan and the Iranian Diaspora: Nation and Its Re-territorializations in Cyberspace  32
2. Civil Society (jaame'e-ye madani), Soccer, and Gendered Politics in Weblogistan: The 2005 Presidential Election  72
3. Whores, Homos, and Feminists: Weblogistan's Anti-modern Others  112
4. Weblogistan and Its Homosexual Problem  145
5. The War Machine, Neoliberal Homo Œconomicus, and the Experts 169
Coda. Revolutionary Ends: Weblogistan's Afterlife  195
Appendix  207
Notes  209
Works Cited  257
Index  277
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