Postglobal Dance

An issue of: Theater

Postglobal Dance
Journal Issue Volume 40, Number 1 Published: 2010 An issue of Theater
Special Issue Editor(s): Joseph Roach, Emily Carson Coates


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1. Up Front: Kinesis: The New Mimesis—Joseph Roach

2. Up Front: Merce Cunningham (1919 – 2009) Pina Bausch (1940 – 2009)—Miriam Felton-Dansky, Jacob Gallagher-Ross, and Tom Sellar

3. Up Front: Augusto Boal (1931 – 2009)—Joanne Pottlitzer

4. Theorizing in Motion: Points of Contact in International Dance at Yale—Emily Coates

5. Dancing Bodies: An Addendum, 2009—Susan Leigh Foster

6. Performing the Breaks: Notes on African American Aesthetic Structures—Thomas F. DeFrantz

7. Movement in the Age of Globalization: A Panel—Yasmeen Godder, Opiyo Okach, Yvonne Rainer, and Thomas F. DeFrantz

8. Where's the Passion? Where's the Politics?: Or, How I Became Interested in Impersonating, Approximating, and End Running around My Selves and Others', and Where Do I Look When You're Looking at Me?—Yvonne Rainer

9. Artist's Journal: Singular Sensations and Selves—Yasmeen Godder

10. Artist's Journal: Questions of Necessity: Notes on Border Border Express—Opiyo Okach

11. Portfolio: Reggie Wilson and Andréya Ouamba in Rehearsal—Emily Coates and David Barreda

12. Global Voices: Performers in Conversation—Adam S. Horowitz

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ISBN Paperback: 978-0-8223-6736-9