Postposttranssexual: Key Concepts for a 21st Century Transgender Studies

An issue of: TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly

Journal Issue Pages: 308 Volume 1, Number 1-2 Published: 2014 An issue of TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly
TSQ aims to be the journal of record for the rapidly emerging field of transgender studies. The inaugural issue, “Postposttranssexual: Key Concepts for a 21st-Century Transgender Studies,” pays homage to Sandy Stone's field-defining “Posttranssexual Manifesto” and assesses where the field is now and where it seems to be heading. Comprising over eighty short essays by authors ranging from graduate students to senior scholars, the issue takes on such topics as biopolitics, disability, political economy, childhood, trans-of-color critique, area studies, translation, pathologization, the state, and animal studies. Some keyword entries resemble encyclopedia articles (sports, psychoanalysis); others are poetic meditations on concepts (capacity, transition); still others offer whimsical and eccentric expositions of words that are more unexpected-and unexpectedly productive (perfume, hips). Some entries pose trenchant resistances to the keyword concept itself. The issue includes a substantive introduction by the editors and serves as a primer for readers encountering transgender studies for the first time.


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The issue will feature keyword essays by

Rustem Ertug Altinay
Katelyn Angell
B.  Aultman
Van Bailey
Carsten Balzer
Toby Beauchamp
Oliver Bendorf
Gabriela Cano
micha cárdenas
Shanna Carlson
Claudia Castañeda
Howard Chiang
Nicholas Lee Clarkson
Trystan Cotton
Lucas Crawford
Paisley Currah
Justus Eisfeld
Patricia Elliot
Karine Espineira
Matt Fournier
Frank Galarte
T.  Garner
Chris Gauthier
Kendall J.  Gerdes
David Getsy
Miqqi Alicia Gilbert
Melissa M.  González
Sally Hines
Yetta Howard
Dan Irving
Tristan Josephson
Anson Koch-Rein
Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes
Carla LaGata
Erica Lennon
Helen Hok-Sze Leung
Heather Love
Hilary Malatino
Tey Meadow
Brian Mistler
Iain Morland
Vic Munoz
Zein Murib
Sonny Nordmarken
Gabrielle Owen
Robert Phillips
Jasbir    Puar
Erica Rand
K.J.  Rawson
K.R. Roberto
Trish Salah
Gayle Salamon
James Sares
Danielle M. Seid
Eric Stanley
Eliza Steinbock
Elizabeth Stephens
Sandy Stone
Susan Stryker
Amets Suess
Nikki Sullivan
Avery Tompkins
Ann Travers
Jeanne Vaccaro
David Valentine
Sari van Anders
Eli Vitulli
Pau Crego Walters
Karl Whittington
Saskia E. Wieringa
Willy Wilkinson
Tarynn M. Witten
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ISBN Paperback: 978-0-8223-6811-3