Presidential Selection

Presidential Selection

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This study incorporates three important themes into the study of presidential selection:

What are the international implications of how the Unites States chooses its presidents? How does the process affect other nations? Does it enhance or diminish the ability of the United States to deal effectively with the rest of the world?

How do the changing characteristics of the the presidential selection process affect the shaping of public policies, and vice versa? For example, how have changes in citizen participation, campaign technologies, and campaign finance laws altered the balance of political power among institutions and interests?

What is the influence of the Constitution on presidential selection, as in the prescribed qualifications for the office and in provisions for unusual circumstances?



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Preface ix


1. Change and Stability in Choosing Presidents / Alexander Heard and Michael Nelson 1

I. Presidential Selection in World Context

2. Presidential Selection and Continuity in Foreign Policy / Ralf Dahrendorf 15

3. Changing International Stakes in Presidential Selection / Ernest R. May 32

4. Learning to Govern or Learning to Campaign / Richard Rose 53

II. Voters and Candidates

5. The Linkage of Policy to Participation / Gary Orren 75

6. Who Vies for President? / Michael Nelson 120

7. Methods and Actors: The Relationship of Processes to Candidates / John H. Aldrich 155

III. New Campaign Elites

8. Public Opinion Polling: Command and Control in Presidential Campaigns / James R. Beniger and Robert J. Giuffra Jr. 189

9. The Three Campaigns for President / Herb Asher 216

10. Regulating Campaign Finances: Consequences for Interests and Institutions / Xandra Kayden 247

IV. Presidential Politics and the Mass Media

11. Presidential Politics and the Myth of Conciliation: The Case of 1980 / James David Barber 283

12. Television and Presidential Politics / Thomas E. Patterson 302

V. Provisions for the Unexpected

13. Presidential Selection and Succession in Special Situations / Allan P. Sindler 331

Notes 366

Index 397

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