Public Culture 23:3 (65)

An issue of: Public Culture

Public Culture 23:3 (65)
Journal Issue Pages: 164 Volume 23, Number 3 Published: Fall 2011 An issue of Public Culture


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Editor’s Letter- Eric Klinenberg

Doxa at Large

Tahrir: Ends of Circulation-Brian T. Edwards

Revolutionary Tactics, Media Ecologies, and Repressive States-Ramesh Srinivasan and

Adam Fish

Hacker Politics and Publics- Gabriella Coleman

Trajectories of Finance

The Ghost in the Financial Machine- Arjun Appadurai


A Flying Man, a Scuttled Ship, and a Timekeeping Device: Reflections on Ibn Battuta Mall- Gökçe Günel

Global Exchanges

Cultural Globalization and the US Civil Rights Movement- Steve Spence

Consumption for the Common Good? Commodity Biography Film in an Age of Postconsumerism- Jennifer Wenzel

The Sublime Frequencies of New Old Media- David Novak

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