Queer Studies and the Crises of Capitalism

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Queer Studies and the Crises of Capitalism
Journal Issue Pages: 216 Volume 18, Number 1 Published: Winter 2012 An issue of GLQ
Special Issue Editor(s): Jordana Rosenberg, Jordy Rosenberg, Amy Villarejo
Extending the recent rapprochement among queer studies, Marxist theory, and political economics, this timely issue responds to the current crisis of capitalism. Contributors consider how methodologies of queer studies are specially poised to reveal the global, historical, and social dimensions of capitalist economic relations. Using queer hermeneutical tools in combination with globalization studies, secularization studies, and queer-of-color critique, contributors examine global economic history and the ideological collusion of capitalist production and biological reproduction. With a special emphasis on the regulation and policing of sexuality, the issue explores the assertion that capitalism is only made possible by systems of racial, sexual, and national exploitation, and recuperation from periods of crisis depends on the increasingly violent reassertion of those forms of exploitation.

Queer studies has, from the outset, engaged vigorously with the question of how cultures metabolize social and economic developments. Several contributors explore the shared queer and Marxist fascination with concepts of utopia and their mutual reliance on theories of totality with respect to the intersecting forces of sexuality, desire, and economic value. Providing an expansive theoretical perspective on current and historical economic patterns, the queer methodologies at work in this collection illuminate and advance our understanding of the complex structures of global capitalism.  

Jordana Rosenberg is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Amy Villarejo is Professor in the Department of Theater, Film, and Dance at Cornell University. She is the author of Lesbian Rule: Cultural Criticism and the Value of Desire, also published by Duke University Press.

Contributors:  Lisa Marie Cacho, Christina Crosby, Lisa Duggan, Roderick Ferguson, Kevin Floyd, Carla Freccero, Grace Hong, Janet Jakobsen, Heather Love, Robert McRuer, Fred Moten, Tavia Nyong'o, Jasbir Puar, Lisa Rofel, Jordana Rosenberg, Gayle Salamon, Dean Spade, Amy Villarejo, Meg Wesling


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Queerness, Norms, Utopia-  Jordana Rosenberg and Amy Villarejo  

Perverse Justice- Janet R. Jakobsen

Ideological Fantasies- Carla Freccero

“If I Turn into a Boy, I Don't Think I Want Huevos”: Reassessing Racial Masculinities in What Night Brings- Lisa Marie Cacho
Existentially Surplus: Women of Color Feminism and the New Crises of Capitalism- Grace Kyungwon Hong

 Queer Value- Meg Wesling
Queer Studies, Materialism, and Crisis: A Roundtable Discussion-Christina Crosby,
Lisa Duggan,Roderick Ferguson,Kevin Floyd,Miranda Joseph,Heather Love,Robert McRuer,
Fred Moten, Tavia Nyong'o, Lisa Rofel,Jordana Rosenberg,Gayle Salamon,Dean Spade,
 and Amy Villarejo
 Coda: The Cost of Getting Better: Suicide, Sensation, Switchpoints- Jasbir K. Puar
Moving Image Review

 Queer Media Loci: Israel/Palestine-  Ming-Yuen S. Ma and Alexandra Juhasz

 Festival Exoticism: The Israeli Queer Film in a Global Context-Boaz Hagin andRaz Yosef

Book Review

 Coming to Terms: Homosexuality and the Left in American Culture-Aaron Lecklider

Books in Brief

 Anthologizing the Field-Robert Azzarello

The Bonds of Choice- S. Pearl Brilmyer

Flocking Together- David Greven
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