Revolution From Without

Yucatan, Mexico, and the United States, 1880–1924

Revolution From Without

Book Pages: 423 Illustrations: Published: November 1997

Author: Gilbert M. Joseph

Contributor: Alan Knight

History > Latin American History, Latin American Studies

"In addition to the relevance provided by contemporary events, the republication of Revolution from Without comes at a particularly effervescent moment in Latin American revolutionary studies. An ongoing discourse among political sociologists, anthropologists and historians has greatly enriched our understanding of the political economy and social history of revolutions and popular insurgencies."—from the preface to the paperback edition



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Gilbert M. Joseph is Farnam Professor of History and Director of Latin American and Iberian Studies at Yale University.

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List of tables and figures ix

Foreword / Alan Knight xi

Preface xix

Acknowledgments xxvi

Prologue: Yucatan receives a revolution 1

Part I. The Parameters of Revolution

1. Plant and plantation: the development of a monocrop economy 13

2. The henequen boom: oligarchy and informal empire, 1880-1915 33

3. The revolutionary equation within Yucatan: the problem of mobilization 70

Part II. The Bourgeois Revolution, 1915-1918

4. Salvador Alvarado and bourgeois revolution from without 93

5. The theory and practice of bourgeois reform: land and the export economy 122

6. The breakdown of bourgeois revolution, 1918-1920 150

Part III. The Socialist Revolution, 1920-1930

7. Felipe Carrillo Puerto and the rise of Yucatecan socialism 185

8. The ideology and praxis of a socialist revolution: agrarian reform and the henequen industry 228

9. The failure of revolution from within, 1923-1924 263

Epilogue: With revolution, 1924- : Yucatan's legacy of frustration 288

Appendix: Agrarian reform, 1915-1927 305

Abbreviations used in notes 308

Notes 311

Select bibliography 373

Index 392
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