Seven Faces

Brazilian Poetry Since Modernism

Seven Faces

Book Pages: 256 Illustrations: 18 illustrations, 1 figure Published: August 1996

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Brazil, perhaps more than any other nation of the Americas, has placed poetry at the forefront of dialogue and debate about the limits and uses of art, the social duties of artists, and the nature of nationalism and national identity. In Seven Faces, Charles A. Perrone charts the course of Brazilian poetry in the contemporary period through the principal currents, multiple tendencies, and aesthetic tensions that have made the Brazilian lyric so creatively diverse.
Perrone introduces the most important poetic themes of the second half of this century with a look back at Brazilian modernismo and the avant-garde legacy of poets of the 1920s and 30s. Brazilian poets, the author reveals, have long drawn inspiration from the other arts, experimenting with the inclusion of music, graphic arts, and other nontraditional elements within lyric forms. Relating aesthetic concerns to cultural issues, Perrone elucidates the major poetic movements in Brazil since modernismo: concretism and vanguard poetry, politically committed verse of the 60s, youth poetry of the 70s, the lyricism of Brazil’s renowned popular music, and the rethinking of poetry through postmodernism in the final decades of this century.
Providing a window on the ways in which poetry reflects a national spirit and offers a measure of the status of culture in a consumer society, Seven Faces is the only book-length study in English of contemporary Brazilian poetry. It will be welcomed by students and scholars of Latin American literature as well as by general readers interested in poetry and its influence on culture and society.


Seven Faces is well written, informed, and disciplined in navigating its way through a vast topic. This analytic work constantly balances assertions with demonstrative examples.” — Piers Armstrong , Latin American Research Review

“Clearly written and cogently argued. Seven Faces should be on the bookshelf of everyone who wants to know the complete story behind contemporary Brazilian music, culture, and poetry.” — Earl E. Fitz , Review of Latin American Literature

“Perrone historicizes and contextualizes the phases, movements, and individual cases of Brazilian poetry, placing each new tendency and trend within Brazilian verse tradition and, at times, within an international perspective. His study displays breadth of scholarly endeavor, clarity of thinking, theoretical sophistication, extensive research, compelling argumentation, and lucid analyses of the aesthetic accomplishments and problems of the poetic production of five decades of poetry in Brazil. . . Perrone’s overall evaluation of movements and trends, and his readings of poems, are elegantly written, insightful and highly useful to anyone learning about, or teaching, Brazilian poetry.” — Maria José Somerlate Barbosa , Luso-Brazilian Review

“No other study on the subject has the scope, the breadth, or the analytical sophistication of Perrone’s. Seven Faces is a rare commodity and makes a major contribution to the field, especially in its reevaluation of the poetic vanguards of the 1950s through the 1980s.” — Randal Johnson, University of California, Los Angeles

“This work fills an important part of a lamentable gap in Latin American studies in the United States. Perrone’s work forms a marvelous bridge between modernism and the contemporary Brazilian scene.” — Santiago Colás, University of Michigan


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