Sexual Encounters/Sexual Collisions: Alternative Sexualities in Colonial Mesoamerica

An issue of: Ethnohistory

Sexual Encounters/Sexual Collisions
Journal Issue Pages: 232 Volume 54, Number 1 Published: 2007 An issue of Ethnohistory
This special issue of Ethnohistory explores the relationships among sexuality, power, and desire in colonial Mesoamerica. Investigating conflicts over sexuality, the essays illustrate the importance of sexual behaviors and desires in negotiating identities and complex power relations in the Mesoamerican world. Taken together, they make a compelling argument that an understanding of the role of sexuality is as essential to the study of Latin America as is knowledge about political economy, social organization, ethnicity, and gender.

One contributor considers a criminal case in seventeenth-century Mexico that demonstrates that the negotiation of homosexual identity was much more complex than the model of domination and submission often believed to structure Latin American male homosexual relationships. Another contributor examines how priests in Mayan communities attempted to use the confessional and confessional manuals to promote their own notions of sexual desire and ownership of indigenous women, only to have their efforts turned against them, with Mayan women using the texts to assert strategic dominance over the priests. Yet another essay, focusing on the treatment of a hermaphrodite in late colonial Guatemala, examines how the hermaphrodite’s traits undermined or called into question Enlightenment-era ideas about sex and gender.

Contributors. John F. Chuchiak IV, Martha Few, Kimberly Gauderman, Laura A. Lewis, Caterina Pizzigoni, Pete Sigal, Zeb Tortorici, Neil L. Whitehead


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1. Editor’s Introduction–Neil L. Whitehead

2. Guest Editors’ Introduction–Pete Sigal and John F. Chuchiak IV

3. Queer Nahuatl: Sahagún’s Faggots and Sodomites, Lesbians and Hermaphrodites–Pete Sigal

4. “Heran Todos Putos”: Sodomitical Subcultures and Disordered Desire in Early Colonial Mexico–Zeb Tortorici

5. The Sins of the Fathers: Franciscan Friars, Parish Priests, and the Sexual Conquest of the Yucatec Maya, 1545–1808–John F. Chuchiak IV

6. From Sodomy to Superstition: The Active Pathic and BodilyTransgressions in New Spain–Laura A. Lewis

7. “That Monster of Nature”: Gender, Sexuality, and the Medicalization of a “Hermaphrodite” in Late Colonial Guatemala –Martha Few

8. It Happened on the Way to the Temascal and Other Stories: Desiring the Illicit in Colonial Spanish America–Kimberly Gauderman

9. Alternative Sex and Gender in Early Latin America–Caterina Pizzigoni

10. Julian Granberry: The Americas That Might Have Been: Native

American Social Systems through Time; Charles C. Mann: 1491: New

Revelations of the Americas before Columbus–Colin G. Calloway

11. Alan Trachtenberg: Shades of Hiawatha: Staging Indians, Making

Americans, 1880–1930–John W. Troutman

12. William J. Peace: Leslie A. White: Evolution and Revolution in Anthropology–

Sergei Kan

13. Mary Eggermont-Molenaar, ed.: Montana 1911: A Professor and His Wife among the Blackfeet–William E. Farr

14. George Harwood Phillips: “Bringing Them under Subjection”: California’s Tejón Indian Reservation and Beyond, 1852–1864–Quincy D. Newell

15. Steven J. Oatis: A Colonial Complex: South Carolina’s Frontiers in the Era of the Yamasee War, 1680–1730–Patricia Barker Lerch

16. Matthew Restall: Los siete mitos de la conquista española–Paul E. Hoffman

17. José Jesús Hernández Palomo, coord.: Enfermedad y muerte en América y Andalucía (siglos XVII–XX)–Murdo J. MacLeod

18. Lesley Gill: The School of the Americas: Military Training and Political Violence in the Americas–Peter M. Beattie

19. William T. Sanders, Alba Guadalupe Mastache, and Robert H. Cobean, eds.: El urbanismo en Mesoamérica/Urbanism in Mesoamerica, vol. 1–Thomas H. Charlton

20. Raymond B. Craib: Cartographic Mexico: A History of State Fixations and Fugitive Landscapes–Jordana Dym

21. Jeffrey H. Cohen: The Culture of Migration in Southern Mexico–Rosana Barbosa

22. Daniel Wilkinson: Silence on the Mountain: Stories of Terror, Betrayal, and Forgetting in Guatemala–Ana Yolanda Contreras

23. Sabine Hyland: The Jesuit and the Incas: The Extraordinary Life of Padre Blas Valera, S.J.–Isabel Yaya

24. Judy Blankenship: Cañar: A Year in the Highlands of Ecuador–George M. Lauderbaugh

25. Hendrik Kraay and Thomas L. Whigham, eds.: I Die with My Country: Perspectives on the Paraguayan War, 1864–1870–Emily Story

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