Small Axe 16:1 (37)

An issue of: Small Axe

Small Axe 16:1 (37)
Journal Issue Pages: 192 Volume 16, Number 1 Number: 37 Published: March 2012 An issue of Small Axe


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David Scott

Preface: Who Were the Subjects of Slave Emancipation?

Peter James Hudson

Germaine, Evangeline, and Other “Negro Girls”: Rudy Burckhardt's Caribbean

Tzarina T. Prater

Transgender, Memory, and Colonial History in Patricia Powell's The Pagoda

Clare Counihan

Desiring Diaspora: “Testing” the Boundaries of National Identity in Edwidge Danticat's Breath, Eyes, Memory

The Grammar of Architecture

Mark Raymond

Roger Turton, Unfinished Pictures: A Prelude

The Visual Life of Catastrophic History

Joscelyn Gardner

A Collection of Creole Portrait Heads of the Female Sex

Erica Moiah James

Speaking in Tongues: Metapictures and the Discourse of Violence in Caribbean Art

Book Discussion: Nicholas Draper, The Price of Emancipation: Slave-Ownership, Compensation, and British Society at the End of Slavery

Christer Petley

British Fortunes and Caribbean Slavery

Susan Thorne

Capitalism and Slavery Compensation

Nicholas Draper

Capitalism and Slave Ownership: A Response


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