Small Axe 16:2 (38)

An issue of: Small Axe

Small Axe 16:2 (38)
Journal Issue Pages: 244 Volume 16, Number 2 Number: 38 Published: July 2012 An issue of Small Axe


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Stuart Hall at Eighty– David Scott

Parricidal Son: The Murder of Cassia Rivulet and the Collapse of Postcolonial Time– Glenn A. Elmer Griffin

Between Plot and Plantation, Trespass and Transgression: Caribbean Migratory Disobedience in Fiction and Internet Traffic– Curdella Forbes

Violent Liaisons: Historical Crossings and the Negotiation of Sex, Sexuality, and Race in The Book of Night Women and The True History of Paradise– Sam Vásquez

Reading Edward Baugh Reading

The West Indian Writer and His Quarrel with History– Edward Baugh

All Friends Now? Critical Conversations, West Indian Literature, and the “Quarrel with History”– Alison Donnell

Too Much History, or Not Enough– Laurence A. Breiner

Contexts, Criticism, and Quarrels: A Reflection on Edward Baugh's “The West Indian Writer and His Quarrel with History”– Nadi Edwards

Reflections on “The Quarrel with History”– Edward Baugh

Visual Life of Catastrophic History

The Of 72 Project– Ebony G. Patterson

The Interior Life of Painting: Lebenswelt and Subjectivity in the Work of Roberta Stoddart– Gabrielle A. Hezekiah

Literary Competition Winners 2011: Poetry

Infidelities– Sonia Farmer

Moulting Season– Danielle McShine

Literary Competition Winners 2011: Short Fiction

Ghost Story– Barbara Jenkins

The Iridescent Blue-Black Boy with Wings (After Márquez)– H. N. Holder

Book Discussion: Kobena Mercer, ed., Cosmopolitan Modernisms; Discrepant Abstraction; Pop Art and Vernacular Cultures; and Exiles, Diasporas, and Strangers; from the series Annotating Art's Histories: Cross-Cultural Perspectives in the Visual Arts

The Difficulties of Naming White Things– Eddie Chambers

Feasting on Scraps– Huey Copeland

Art History and the Dialogics of Diaspora– Kobena Mercer



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