Sovereignty, Indigeneity, and the Law

An issue of: South Atlantic Quarterly

Sovereignty, Indigeneity, and the Law
Journal Issue Pages: 296 Volume 110, Number 2 Published: Spring 2011 An issue of South Atlantic Quarterly


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1. What Is a Just Society? Native American Philosophies and the Limits of Capitalism's Imagination: A Brief Manifesto–Eric Cheyfitz

2. Indigeneity, Sovereignty, and the Law: Challenging the Processes of Criminalization–Chris Cunneen

3. Indigeneity and Sovereignty in Canada's Far North: The Arctic and Inuit Sovereignty–Gordon Christie

4. Maturing Australia through Australian Aboriginal Narrative Law–Christine Black

5. Colonization and Resistance: Oil, War, and the Ongoing Attempt to Destroy the Kofan People of Colombia–Carlos Salinas

6. Alaska Native Politics since the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act–Roy M. Huhndorf and Shari M. Huhndorf

7. Indigenous Sovereignty, Culture, and International Human Rights Law–Lorie M. Graham and Siegfried Wiessner

8. Sharks and Pigs: Animating Hawaiian Sovereignty against the Anthropological Machine–Jonathan Goldberg-Hiller and Noenoe K. Silva

9. The Transposition of Law and Literature in Delgamuukw and Monkey Beach–Cheryl Suzack

10. Visualizing Sovereignty in the Time of Biometric Sensors–Jolene Rickard

11. "Now is not your time; it's ours": Insurgent Confederation, "Race War," and Liberal State Formation in the Bolivian Federal War of 1899–Forrest Hylton

12. Sovereignty, Indigeneity, Territory: Zapatista Autonomy and the New Practices of Decolonization–Alvaro Reyes and Mara Kaufman


13. The Struggle for Public Education in California: Introduction–Christopher Newfield and Colleen Lye

14. Coming Due: Accounting for Debt, Counting on Crisis–Annie McClanahan

15. States of Indebtedness: Care Work in the Struggle against Educational Privatization–Amanda Armstrong

16. The New Diversity: A Year of Crisis at UC Riverside–Bryan Ziadie

17. "We have all become students of color now": The California Student Movement and the Rhetoric of Privilege–Chris Chen

18. UCLA's Underground Students Rise to Fight for Public Education–Carlos Amador

19. Privatize Now! Ask Questions Later: UCMeP's Unauthorized Performance of Administrative Authority–Michael Shane Boyle

20. Notes on Contributors

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