Soviet-American Relations After the Cold War

Soviet-American Relations After the Cold War

Book Pages: 364 Illustrations: Published: January 1991

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This important collection of essays explores the terrain of possible Soviet-American relations in the next decade. Starting from the premise that glasnost and perestroika will not be reversed, this expert group of contributors provides a wide-ranging and far-reaching analysis of Soviet-U.S. relations crucial to any current discussion of the topic.
Moving beyond the boundaries of traditional studies of international relations, the contributors here focus on such topics as public opinion and the relationship of domestic policy to foreign policy. Other areas of consideration include the Soviet-U.S. relationship and the Third World and East Asia, the role of the United Nations in Soviet and American policy in the 1990s, international environmental protection, and the Soviet opening to nonprovocative defense. A final section concludes with policy choices for the future regarding security strategies and prospects for peace.

Contributors. Seweryn Bialer, Robert Dallek, Charles Gati, Toby Trister Gati, Colin S. Gray, Ole R. Holsti, Robert Jervis, Alexander J. Motyl, John Mueller, Eric A. Nordlinger, George H. Quester, Harold H. Sanders, Glenn E. Schweitzer, Jack Snyder, Donald S. Zagoria, William Zimmerman



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Robert Jervis is Professor of Political Science and Director of the Institute of War and Peace Studies at Columbia University.

Seweryn Bialer is the Ruggles Professor of Political Science and Renee Robert Belfer Professor of International Relations at Columbia University.

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Acknowledgments vii

Introduction / Robert Jervis 1

1. Will the New World Be Better? / Robert Jervis 7

Part I. Soviet-American Relations and Domestic Changes

2. American Reactions to the USSR: Public Opinion / Ole R. Holsti 23

3. American Reactions to Changes in the USSR / Robert Dallek 48

4. Do the Changes within the Soviet Union Provide a Basis for Eased Soviet-American Relations? A Skeptical View / Colin S. Gray 61

5. Reform, Democratization, and Soviet Foreign Policy / William Zimmerman 76

6. Is Socialism Dead? / Seweryn Bialer 98

Part II. Soviet-American Security Under Relaxed Tensions

7. The Soviet-U.S. Relationship and the Third World / Harold H. Saunders 109

8. The Soviet Opening to Nonprovocative Defense / George H. Quester 133

9. East and West in Eastern Europe / Charles Gati 148

10. Soviet Policy in East Asia: The Quest for Constructive Engagement / Donald S. Zagoria 164

11. Rights, Rituals, and Soviet-American Relations / Alexander J. Motyl 183

12. The UN Rediscovered: Soviet and American Policy in the United Nations of the 1990s / Toby Trister Gati 197

13. Environmental Protection and Soviet-American Relations / Glenn E. Schweitzer 225

Part III. Some Policy Choices

14. America's Strategic Immunity: The Basis of a National Security Strategy / Eric A. Nordlinger 239

15. Taking Peace Seriously: Two Proposals / John Mueller 262

16. Averting Anarchy in the New Europe / Jack Snyder 276

Conclusion / Robert Jervis 302

Notes 315

Index 351
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