Soviet Jewry in the 1980s

The Politics of Anti-Semitism and Emigration and the Dynamics of Resettlement

Soviet Jewry in the 1980s

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Tables and Figures ix

Preface xi

Introduction xv

Part One. The Impact of Internal Politics in The Soviet Union on Soviet Jewry

1. Passing Eclipse: The Exodus Movement in the 1980s / Theodore H. Friedgut 3

2. The Soviet Public Anti-Zionist Committee: An Analysis / William Korey 26

3. Soviet Anti-Semitism Unchained: The Rise of the "Historical and Patriotic Association, Pamyat" / Howard Spier 51

Part Two. Linkages between Soviet Foreign Policy and the Exodus of Soviet Jewry

4. Soviet Jewry as a Factor in Soviet-Israeli Relations / Robert O. Freedman 61

5. The West European Approach to the Soviet Jewry Problem / Howard Spier 97

6. Jewish, German, and Armenian Emigration from the USSR: Parallels and Differences / Sidney Heitman 115

Part Three. Alternative Strategies for Promoting the Emigration and Resettlement of Soviet Jews

7. Soviet-American Trade and Soviet Jewish Emigration: Should a Policy Change Be Made by the American Jewish Community / Marshall I. Goldman 141

Part Four. Patterns of Soviet Jewish Resettlement in the United States and Israel

8. Soviet Immigration Resettlement in Israel and the United States / Zvi Gitelman 163

9. Soviet Jewish Artists in the USSR and Israel: The Dynamics of Artistic Resettlement / Stephen Feinstein 186

Appendix 1. Soviet Jewish Emigration from the USSR 215

Appendix 2. The Jackson Amendment 216

Appendix 3. The 1987 Soviet Decree on Emigration 218

Appendix 4. Anti-Semitic Propagandists and Activists Identified with Pamyat 221

Appendix 5. Exchange of Letters 222

Notes 227

Bibliography 247

Contributors 253

Index 255
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