Speech in the Western States Volume 2: The Mountain West

An issue of: American Speech

Speech in the Western States Volume 2
Journal Issue Pages: 204 Volume 92, Number 5 Number: 102 Published: December 2017 An issue of American Speech
The inland states of the Western U.S. offer varied histories, geographies, and populations that contribute to a rich linguistic landscape. This issue brings together work on the vowel patterns found in Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Montana, showing diversity while still offering some evidence of the formation of a supra-Western pattern. This collection is an an exhaustive treatment of Western vowel patterns and serves as a unique resource to dialectologists, sociolinguists, and students of language. 
Examining the development and diffusion of vowel features defining English in the mountain West, this volume complements its companion, which studied speech in the coastal West.


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