Street of Dreams

The Nature and Legacy of the 1960s

Street of Dreams

Book Pages: 228 Illustrations: Published: April 1989

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The 1960s are well documented but not well understood; the rhetoric of and reaction to the decade continues to trouble American public discourse. This work by Douglas Knight, who served as president of Duke University from 1963 to 1969 during clashes on that campus, is not only an honest account of one institution’s experience, but draws parallels to the situations on other campuses and seeks to comprehend the time and its enduring influence.


“The analysis of the sixties—its politics, its violence, its tension, its paradoxes, its culture—is sweeping, perceptive, sensitive, often original, and sometimes powerful. So is the comparison with the eighties.” — John W. Cell, Duke University

“This is an unusually thoughtful, insightful, indeed brilliant, interpretation of the stormy 60s and their aftermath. There is growing interest in topics related to the 60s and Knight’s book represents one of the very best treatments of the subject I have read to date.
“Having gone through this turbulent period as a graduate student and young assistant professor—and having worked on the President’s Commission on Campus Unrest (the Scranton Commission) in 1970—I felt very moved by Knight’s experiences and honesty. His judgments and evaluations are shared by a good many people—scholars, administrators, politicians, and students alike, who searched for similar answers to the many questions raised in the 1960s. This book represents a monument in civility and sound judgment—values not necessarily appreciated at that hurried time. History as already and will continue to prove Knight correct; it is a book I will not tire of reading.” — Richard G. Braungart, Syracuse University


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