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Journal Issue Pages: 164 Volume 22, Number 3 Number: 80 Published: 2004 An issue of Social Text
Special Issue Editor: Patricia Ticineto Clough

This special issue of Social Text critically engages contemporary theory, shifting the question of "what matters" from an epistemological domain to an ontological one. Essays enter into debates over evolutionary theory and the potential effects of those debates on bodies and sexuality; examine South Asian racial formation, in which intense policing slides discipline into control, yet yields immeasurable "monstrous crossbreeds"; trace pharmaceutical governance in the control of AIDS in Brazil; and ask how political art commands or develops the capacity for attention, if not critique, in terms of the control exerted by dominant media cultures.

Contributors. Joao Biehl, Patricia Ticineto Clough, Luciana Parisi, Jasbir K. Puar, Amit S. Rai, Tiziana Terranova


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1. Future Matters: Technoscience, Global Politics, and Cultural Criticism–Patricia Ticineto Clough

2. Information Trading and Symbiotic Micropolitics–Luciana Parisi

3. Communication beyond Meaning: On the Cultural Politics of Information–Tiziana Terranova

4. The Remaking of a Model Minority: Perverse Projectiles under the Specter of (Counter)Terrorism–Jasbir K. Puar and Amit S. Rai

5. The Activist State: Global Pharmaceuticals, AIDS, and Citizenship in Brazil–João Biehl

6. Activist Technologies: Think Again!–Amy Villarejo

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ISBN Paperback: 978-0-8223-6642-3