The Academic′s Handbook

The Academic′s Handbook

Book Pages: 416 Illustrations: Published: January 2007

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This new, revised, and expanded edition of the popular Academic’s Handbook is an essential guide for those planning or beginning an academic career.

Faculty members, administrators, and professionals with experience at all levels of higher education offer candid, practical advice to help beginning academics understand matters including:
— The different kinds of institutions of higher learning and expectations of faculty at each.
— The advantages and disadvantages of teaching at four-year colleges instead of research universities.
— The ins and outs of the job market.
— Alternatives to tenure-track, research-oriented positions.
— Salary and benefits.
— The tenure system.
— Pedagogy in both large lecture courses and small, discussion-based seminars.
— The difficulties facing women and minorities within academia.
— Corporations, foundations, and the federal government as potential sources of research funds.
— The challenges of faculty mentoring.
— The impact of technology on contemporary teaching and learning.
— Different types of publishers and the publishing process at university presses.
— The modern research library.
— The structure of university governance.
— The role of departments within the university.

With the inclusion of eight new chapters, this edition of The Academic’s Handbook is designed to ease the transition from graduate school to a well-rounded and rewarding career.

Contributors. Judith K. Argon, Louis J. Budd, Ronald R. Butters, Norman L. Christensen, Joel Colton, Paul L. Conway, John G. Cross, Fred E. Crossland, Cathy N. Davidson, A. Leigh DeNeef, Beth A. Eastlick, Matthew W. Finkin, Jerry G. Gaff, Edie N. Goldenberg, Craufurd D. Goodwin, Stanley M. Hauerwas, Deborah L. Jakubs, L. Gregory Jones, Nellie Y. McKay, Patrick M. Murphy, Elizabeth Studley Nathans, A. Kenneth Pye, Zachary B. Robbins, Anne Firor Scott, Sudhir Shetty, Samuel Schuman, Philip Stewart, Boyd R. Strain, Emily Toth, P. Aarne Vesilind, Judith S. White, Henry M. Wilbur, Ken Wissoker


“[E]ven experienced academics and senior scholars will find many sections of this book thought provoking and engaging. , , , [T]he editors have done an admirable job of carefully crafting a revised edition that reflects the trends and changes in higher education. . . . Many misconceptions about the profession and about what professors do could be avoided were graduate programs to give each student a copy of this book. The book should also be on the shelves of college and university libraries of all sizes. While it is sometimes said that there is no one busier than a first-year faculty member, this is one book that just such a person will find hard to put down.” — Grant U. Rich, Academe

“This rather meaty volume, now in its third printing (the first edition debuted about 20 years ago) considers everything a budding academic should know about professorial life. It’s aimed primarily at newly-minted Ph.D.s who’ve just landed on the shores of academe, but it also speaks to graduate students ready to shove off. In this sense, it’s both a primer and a warning shot across the bow.” — Mark Drozdowski, Adjunct Advocate


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A. Leigh DeNeef is Professor of English at Duke University. He was Associate Dean of the Graduate School at Duke for more than twenty years.

Craufurd D. Goodwin is the James B. Duke Professor of Economics at Duke University, where he has served as Vice Provost, Dean of the Graduate School, and Acting Chair of the Economics Department.

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Preface to the Third Edition vii

1. Loving the Academic's Vocation, Institutions and All: A Retrospective Appreciation of the Colloquium on The Academic's Handbook / L. Gregory Jones 1

Part I. The Academy and the Academic

2. Faculty in the Variety of American Colleges and Universities / Jerry G. Graff 11

3. Small is . . . Different: A Guide for Newcomers to Small Colleges / Samuel Schuman 22

4. The Morality of Teaching / Stanley Hauwerwas 38

5. Women in Academia (With Updated Afterword) / Emily Toth 47

6. Minority Faculty in (Mainstream White) Academia / Nellie Y. McKay 62

Part II. Some Issues in the Academy Today

7. Fads and Fashions on Campus: Interdisciplinarity and Internationalization / Craufurd D. Goodwin 79

8. Free Speech and Academic Freedom / Ronald R. Butters 87

9. Anticipating and Avoiding Misperceptions of Harassment 98

10. The Responsible Conduct of Academic Research / P. Aarne Vesilind 112

Part III. Academic Employment

11. On Getting a Job / Henry M. Wilbur 123

12. The Job Market: An Overview / Sudhir Shetty 136

13. Off-Track Vetting / John G. Cross and Edie N. Goldenberg 144

14. The Tenure System / Matthew W. Finkin 155

15. Some Tips on Getting Tenure / Craufurd D. Goodwin 168

16. Academic Salaries and Benefits / A. Leigh DeNeef 176

Part IV. Teaching and Advising

17. The Nuts and Bolts of Running a Lecture Course / Norman L. Christensen 203

18. Why I Teach by Discussion / Anne Firor Scott 212

19. New Faculty Members and Advising / Elizabeth Studley Nathans 217

20. Some Thoughts on Faculty Mentoring / A. Leigh DeNeef 229

21. Considering the Impact of Technology in Teaching and Learning / Patrick M. Murphy 236

Part V. Funding Academic Research

22. Corporate Relations and Foundation Fundraising / Beth A. Eastlick and Zachary B. Robbins 251

23. Securing Funding from Federal Sources / Judith K. Argon 260

24. New Academics and the Quest for Private Funds / Fred E. Crossland 278

Part VI. Publishing Research

25. On Writing Scholarly Articles / Louis J. Budd 291

26. Publishing in Science / Boyd R. Strain 306

27. Academic Book Publishing / Cathy N. Davidson and Ken Wissoker 315

28. The Modern Research Library / Deborah L. Jakubs and Paul L. Conway 334

Part VII. Academic Communities and Administrations

29. University Governance and Autonomy: Who Decides What in the University / A. Kenneth Pye 349

30. The Role of the Department in the Groves of Academe / Joel Colton 367

31. The Academic Community / Philip Stewart 387

Selected Further Readings 395

Contributors 399

Index 403
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