The British Prime Minister, 2nd ed.

The British Prime Minister, 2nd ed.

Book Pages: 290 Illustrations: Published: September 1985

Editor: Anthony D. King

European Studies > History of Europe, Politics > Political Science

The British prime minister is universally acknowledged to be the most powerful single individual in the British system of government, but very little is known about what goes on behind the closed door at #10 Downing Street. As Anthony King points out, there are few articles—let alone books—on the prime ministership available to students of British politics either in the UK or the US. As the preface to the American edition states, while the British prime minister and the American president "do resemble each other in some ways, it is important right at the start to recognize the profound differences between them."



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Preface to the American Edition vii

Acknowledgments xv

Introduction: The Textbook Prime Minstership 1

1. A Prime Minister at Work / Harold Wilson 12

2. The Conduct of Economic Policy 1974-79 / Bernard Donoughue 49

3. The Prime Minister's Aides / G. W. Jones 72

4. Margaret Thatcher: The Style of a Prime Minister / Anthony King 96

5. 10 Downing Street / Richard E. Neustadt 141

6. White House and Whitehall / Richard E. Neudstadt 155

7. Prime Ministerial Government / R. H. S. Crossman 175

8. The Prime Minister's Power / G. W. Jones 195

9. The Case for a Constitutional Premiership / Tony Benn 221

10. Strength at the Centre—The Case for a Prime Minister's Department / Kenneth Berrill 242

Bibliography 258

index 267

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