The Future of Medical Education

The Future of Medical Education

Book Pages: 192 Illustrations: Published: April 1973

Medicine and Health > Medical Humanities, Pedagogy and Higher Education

The major recommendations and chapters of The Future of Moral Education can be divided into three categories: expansion of medical education's scope and responsibilities, basic conditions for progress in medical education, and medial education and the nation's health. The contributors all recognize their obligation to medical education's future as a societal endeavor to serve the nation's health needs.



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Contributors vii

Recommendations ix

Foreword xi

Preface xvii

Introduction xix

1. Medical education and practice—circa 1985 / Martin Cherkasky 3

Comments by Dr. Anlyan, Dr. Elam, Dr. Medearis, Dr. Stead 22

2. New resources for medical and health manpower / Lloyd C. Elam 27

Comments by Dr. Cherkasky, Dr. Medearis 40

3. The college and university in medical education / Irving M. London 43

4. Requirements for admission to medical school / William D. Bradford 53

Comments by Dr. Medearis, Dr. Van der Kloot 67

5. The content of undergraduate medical education / W. Gerald Austin, Thomas D. Kinney 71

Comments by Dr. Medearis 85

6. The education of biomedical scientists / William G. Van der Kloot 87

7. The future of graduate medical education / William G. Anlyan 107

Comments by Dr. Austen, Dr. Beck, Dr. Medearis, Dr. Stead 117

8. Continuing medical education / John C. Beck 125

Comments by Dr. Van der Kloot 132

9. On creating a true continuum of medical education / Donald N. Medearis Jr. and Thomas D. Kinney 133

Comments by Dr. Stead 141

10. Family Practice: One View / Eugene A. Stead Jr. 143

An Alternate View / William G. Anlyan, W. Gerald Austen, John C. Beck, William D. Bradford, Ray E. Brown, Martin Cherkasky, Lloyd C. Elam, Thomas D. Kinney, Irving M. London, Donald N. Medearis Jr., William G. Van der Kloot 155

11. Manna from the physician's assistant program: a source of nourishment for medical educators / Eugene A. Stead Jr. 161

Comments by Dr. Cherkasky, Dr. Medearis 169

12. Financing medical education / Ray E. Brown 173

Comments by Dr. Anlyan, Dr. Beck, Dr. Medearis, Dr. Van der Kloot 187
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