The Leverage of Labor

Managing the Cortés Haciendas in Tehuantepec, 1588–1688

The Leverage of Labor

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This work is an ethnohistorical investigation of the social and economic structure of the vast estates granted to the Cortés family in southern Mexico. Lolita Gutiérrez Brockington deals with landholding patterns, agricultural production, and the social organization and use of native Indian and African slave labor on these estates, thereby shedding a great deal of light on this little-known early colonial period.


“Brockington’s treatment of the livestock industry in the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and its relationship to broader colonial Mexican economy in the same era is the most effective contributory study we have on the subject. It ranks with the broader gauge Dusenberry and Chevalier in importance.” — G. Michael Riley

“This work presents new case material on the colonial Mexican hacienda, an important topic of interest to many historians and other social scientists. The date are interesting, the presentation is well done and the Isthmus of Tehuantepec certainly needs attention from historians. Brockington provides valuable insights into hacienda administration and labor relations in the early colonial period, and fleshes out, for the first time, the Tehuantepec portion of the important Marquesado del Valle jurisdiction.” — John K. Chance


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