The Little Bulbs

A Tale of Two Gardens

The Little Bulbs

Book Pages: 261 Illustrations: Published: March 1986

Author: Elizabeth Lawrence

Contributor: Allen Lacy

General Interest > Gardening

“A beautifully written book.”—The Garden Journal

“A few garden writers offer prose that goes beyond how to spade and spray to convey the experience and pleasures of gardening. The late Elizabeth Lawrence was such a writer.”—Southern Living

“First published in 1957 and out-of-print for many years, this is a delightfully written and enormously informative introduction to the fascinating variety of little bulbs available to the gardener. The author discusses a wide variety of plants, both familiar and little-known, including crocuses, species daffodils, hardy cyclamen and lily-family members such as Brodiaea, Bessera, and Calochortus.”—American Horticulturist



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Introduction ix

Preface 1

1. The First Flower 7

2. "Things as Help Themselves" 21

3. Snowdrops and Snowflakes 27

4. Squills and Daffodils 38

5. Hardy Cyclamen 81

6. Colchicums and Crocuses 90

7. Wood Sorrels 119

8. The Iris Family 129

9. The Lily Family 151

10. Some Amaryllids 201

11. Little Bulbs in Pots 225

12. Sources of Bulbs 236

For the Armchair Gardener 241

Index 243
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