The Philosophical Review 122:1

An issue of: The Philosophical Review

The Philosophical Review 122:1
Journal Issue Pages: 160 Volume 122, Number 1 Published: January 2013 An issue of The Philosophical Review


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Epistemology Formalized - Sarah Moss

Dynamics of Epistemic Modality - Malte Willer

Modesty as a Virtue of Attention - Nicolas Bommarito


The Virtue of Aristotle’s Ethics by Paula Gottlieb - Hendrik Lorenz

Essays on Descartes by Paul Hoffman - Marleen Rozemond

Occasionalism: Causation Among the Cartesians by Steven Nadler - Colin Chamberlain and Jeffrey K. McDonough

Global Justice: A Cosmopolitan Account by Gillian Brock - Andrew Altman

Justice: Rights and Wrongs by Nicholas Wolterstorff - Terence Cuneo

Knowing Full Well by Ernest Sosa - E.J. Coffman

Antithetical Arts by Peter Kivy - Jenefer Robinson

The Tarskian Turn: Deflationism and Axiomatic Truth by Leon Horsten - Shawn Standefer


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