The Rhetoric of Interpretation and the Interpretation of Rhetoric

The Rhetoric of Interpretation and the Interpretation of Rhetoric

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The essays collected in this volume strongly suggest that the principles and operations of contemporary rhetoric and contemporary interpretation invite being studied in conjunction with each other—that the are, as Paul Hernadi puts it, "siamese twins." Furthermore, a number of the essays suggest that both rhetoric and interpretation ought to be studied in conjunction with the principles and operations characteristic of contemporary descriptions and critiques of ideology.


“Topflight people at top form on a subject everyone cares about. I’m sure it will be read and cited for some time to come.” — Barbara Herrnstein Smith


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Acknowledgments v

Editor's Introduction / Paul Hernadi vii

The Rhetoric of Interpretation

The Rhetoric of Interpretation / Hayden White 1

Interpretations: Data or Goals / Jonathan Culler 23

Of Ants and Grasshoppers: Two Ways (or More) to Link Texts and Power / Edward Pechter 39

The Rise of Hermeneutics and the Crisis of Ocularcentrism / Martin Jay 55

Interpretation, Rhetoric, Ideology

The Ideology of the Aesthetic / Terry Eagleton 75

The Promised Body: Reflections on Canon in an Afro-American Context / Houston Baker 87

History and Literary History: The Case of Mass Culture / Richard Ohmann 105

Culture and Ideology: From Geertz to Marx / Dominick LaCapra 125

Interpreting Rhetoric

Parodic Play and Prophetic Reason: Two Interpretations of Interpretation / Susan Handelman 143

Death in the Ethnographic Present / Renato Rosaldo 173

The Challenge of Poetics to (Normal) Historical Practice / Robert F. Berkhofer Jr. 183

The Inevitability of Stereotype: Colonialism in The Great Gatsby / Michael Holquist 201

Index 221

Notes on Contributors 227
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