Theater 42:1

An issue of: Theater

Theater 42:1
Journal Issue Pages: 120 Volume 42, Number 1 Published: Winter 2012 An issue of Theater
Special Issue Editor: Tom Sellar


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Theater (2012) 42(1)

Up Front

Tom Sellar

The Unkindest Cut of All

Mark Russell

Room for Art


Joseph Roach

A Feeling for Risk: Notes on Kinesthetic Empathy and the World Performance Project

Emily Coates

Moving between, among, in the Midst: Intercultural Kinesis

Sue-Ellen Case

My Screens Are Killing Me, or Watching Hurts: Maria Jerez and The Case of the Spectator

Elizabeth W. Son

Touching Worlds: Performing the Cross-Cultural in and through Nameless forest

Emma Laurent

Unexpected Sensations: Joël Pommerat's Theater of Mystery and Contradiction

Joël Pommerat

I Tremble (1 and 2)

David Levine, Marsha Ginsberg, Jason Grote, and Amy Holzapfel

The Habit of Realism


Anne Erbe

Inappropriate Acts

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