Theater and Violence

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Theater and Violence
Journal Issue Pages: 124 Volume 35, Number 1 Published: 2005 An issue of Theater
Special Issue Editor: Tom Sellar
As violence escalates around the world, its victims and perpetrators struggle to develop comprehensible narratives to present truthful accounts of history and experience. This special issue of Theater—a collection of theater artists’ responses to contemporary events—examines the human psyche and its capacity for violence and explores theater’s possibilities for political dissent.

In Theater and Violence, through interviews, play excerpts, and full-length plays—including the first American publication of two major German playwrights and directors—theater artists offer their own narratives for humankind’s violent psychologies. One full-length play, Falk Richter’s Seven Seconds (In God We Trust), probes the mind of an American pilot moments before he releases a bomb on a city below. Another, René Pollesch’s 24 Hours Are Not a Day, humorously explores the ironies and pathologies of globalization after September 11. The issue also includes a commentary on the National Endowment for the Arts’ Shakespeare presentations for the U.S. military; interviews with Russian theater artists on the first anniversary of the Chechen rebels’ siege of a Moscow theater; and Jonathan Kalb’s powerful adaptation of Heiner Müller’s Mauser, set in Tikrit.

Contributors. Josh Fox, Gitta Honegger, Jonathan Kalb, Anna Kohler, James Leverett, Mark Lord, Marlene Norst, René Pollesch, Falk Richter, Yana Ross, Scott Saul, Tom Sellar, Catherine Sheehy, Robert Woodruff


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1. Up Front–Tom Sellar and Mark Lord

2. Theater and Violence: Introductory Notes–Tom Sellar

3. Seven Seconds (In God We Trust)–Falk Richter, translated by Marlene J. Norst

4. Under Siege: Moscow Artists Respond to Nord-Ost: Vladimir Orenov, Henrietta Yanovskaya, John Freedman, Georgy Vasiliev, Maria Sedih, Mark Litvak, Anatoly Smelyansky, Mark Rosovsky, and Dmitri Chernyakov–Interviewed and translated by Yana Ross

5. Gulliver’s Choice: Note on the Text–Jonathan Kalb

6. Gulliver’s Choice: An Adaptation of Heiner Müller’s Mauser–Jonathan Kalb

7. Distant and Right, Robert Woodruff–Interviewed by James Leverett

8. 24 Hours Are Not a Day–René Pollesch, translated by Anna Kohler

9. Excerpt from International WOW Company’s The Bomb–Conceived by Josh Fox


10. Scott Saul on Chen Shi-Zheng’s Peach Blossom Fan

11. Catherine Sheehy on Walter Bobbie’s Twentieth Century and Margot Peters’s Design for Living: Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne


12. Gitta Honegger on Bertolt Brecht und die Schweiz (Bertolt Brecht and Switzerland)

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ISBN Paperback: 978-0-8223-6615-7