Theory Now

An issue of: South Atlantic Quarterly

Theory Now
Journal Issue Pages: 296 Volume 110, Number 1 Published: Winter 2011 An issue of South Atlantic Quarterly
Special Issue Editor(s): Grant Farred, Michael Hardt


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1. Note from the Editor—Michael Hardt


2. Introduction: "Theory Now"?—Kenneth Surin

3. The Militancy of Theory—Michael Hardt

4. The Frailty of the Ontic—Rei Terada

5. "Science does not think": The No-Thought of the Discipline—Grant Farred

6. Insinuation: Détournement as Gendered Repetition—Patrick Greaney

7. The Spoiler's Art: Embarrassed Space as Memorialization—David A. Ellison

8. The Future's Eve: Reparative Reading after Sedgwick—Ellis Hanson

9. "I'm already in a sort of tomb": A Reply to Philip Scheffner's The Halfmoon Files—Avery F. Gordon

10. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: The Postracial Horizon—Barnor Hesse

11. Nationalist Heterosexuality, Migrant (Il)legality, and Irish Citizenship Law: Queering the Connections—Eithne Luibhéid

12. "Now smile": Recent Developments in Jacques Derrida's Work on Photography—Michael Naas

13. Afterword: Theory Now and Again—Jonathan Culler


Obama and the Left at Midterm

14. Introduction—Michael Hardt and Wahneema Lubiano

15. Opulism—Lauren Berlant

16. U.S. Political Romanticism and the Psychological Impacts of Obama's Presidency—Christopher Newfield

17. The Enemy He Wants—Thomas L. Dumm

18. The State of the Left, AOE—Kelley Walker

19. Obama between Movements and Machiavellians—Tom Hayden

20. Obama/Osama/Ōkawa: The Geopolitics of Race after Obama's Bow—Mark Driscoll

21. What's Going On? What Is to Be Done?—Gerald Horne

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ISBN Paperback: 978-0-8223-6738-3