Time and Politics in Contemporary Critique: Entanglements and Aftermaths

An issue of: Critical Times

Time and Politics in Contemporary Critique
Journal Issue Pages: 176 Volume 2, Number 3 Published: December 2019 An issue of Critical Times
Special Issue Editor: Debarati Sanyal
Contributors to this special issue examine the entanglements and aftermaths of colonialism, apartheid, and genocide in our contemporary moment of forced displacement, techno-surveillance, and global authoritarian ethno-nationalism. By connecting disparate legacies of racialized violence, the essays negotiate continuities and discontinuities between history/event and aftermath and offer openings for imagining the future, the unthought, and the not-yet-imagined.

Contributors: Vilashini Cooppan, Elsadig Elsheik, Paul Gilroy, David Theo Goldberg, Marianne Hirsch, Bouchra Khalili, Debarati Sanyal, Jane Taylor


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