Tracing Common Themes

Comparative Courses in the Study of Religion

Tracing Common Themes

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Pedagogy and Higher Education, Religious Studies

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This volume focuses theoretically and practically on thematic approaches for teaching comparative courses in religion. It seeks to address the impact that the comparative study of religion has had on the humanities, how it has fared in the various pedagogic shifts discerned in the liberal arts over the last decade, and how the study of religion can serve to globalize humanities education in our increasingly culturally and religiously plural world.

Contributors. Linda Barnes, Karen McCarthy Brown, John B. Carman, Richard M. Carp, John E. Cort, William R. Darrow, Kendall W. Folkert, William A. Graham, Steven P. Hopkins, John Stratton Hawley, Mark Juergensmeyer, Miriam Levering, Robin W. Lovin, Richard R. Niebuhr, Thomas V. Peterson, Frank E. Reynolds, Frederick J. Streng, Michael D. Swartz, Lee H. Yearly, Carol Zaleski



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