Traveling Comparisons

An issue of: East Asian Science, Technology and Society

Traveling Comparisons
Journal Issue Pages: 164 Volume 7, Number 2 Published: 2013 An issue of East Asian Science, Technology and Society
Special Issue Editor(s): Atsuro Morita, Gergely Mohácsi
The mobility of science and technology between the global South and North as well as between laboratory and everyday environments has raised conflicting ideas about progress and development. The contributors to this special issue present ethnographic accounts of technoscientific practices in Asia to demonstrate the close connection between anthropology and science studies. In particular, they challenge dominant modes of anthropological method by exploring the limitations of thinking comparatively in cross-cultural contexts. The essays address the movement of objects and scientific information that accompanies the movement of people. They examine the interplay of culture and nature across global practices of whaling; how genetics can influence the ability to metabolize diabetes drugs; and the varieties of economic, cultural, and biological values embodied in the harvesting of organs. This issue contributes to the dialogue among anthropology, STS, and area studies.

Contributors: Anders Blok, Akinori Kubo, Gergely Mohácsi, Atsuro Morita, Goro Yamazaki

Atsuro Morita is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Osaka University.
Gergely Mohácsi is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Anthropology at Keio University.


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