An issue of: Cultural Politics

Journal Issue Pages: 132 Volume 10, Number 2 Published: July 2014 An issue of Cultural Politics
Special Issue Editor(s): Mark Featherstone, Malcom Miles
Following the collapse of communist and socialist utopianism in the twentieth century, the global economic crisis has foreclosed the promise of a neoliberal consumerist utopia in the twenty first. This issue considers what happens when people believe that the system they currently inhabit does not work, but they see few viable alternatives, and wide-scale change seems impossible in any case. Considering history, fiction, art, and economic theory, the contributors think about the ways in which a vital future might emerge from an exhausted culture. Topics include narratives of catastrophe and escape in Cold War fiction, the narcotic haze of amusement culture in China, an interview with autonomist Paolo Virno on social individualism and imagination, and the meaning of protest and utopian critique in contemporary art. These essays seize a critical opportunity for new forms of cultural politics to emerge. The contributors explore how the current dystopian worldview points toward alternative utopian futures.


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