Virtue, Identity, and Agency: Ethical Formation from Medieval to Early Modern

An issue of: Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Virtue, Identity, and Agency
Journal Issue Pages: 252 Volume 42, Number 1 Published: Winter 2012 An issue of Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies
Special Issue Editor(s): Philip Graham, Jennifer A. Herdt


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Jennifer A. Herdt

Virtue, Identity, and Agency

Joseph Wawrykow

Jesus in the Moral Theology of Thomas Aquinas

Ann W. Astell

Heroic Virtue in Blessed Raymond of Capua’s Life of Catherine of Siena

David Aers

Langland on the Church and the End of the Cardinal Virtues

Jessica Rosenfeld

Compassionate Conversions: Gower’s Confessio Amantis and the Problem of Envy

Sarah Beckwith

Language Goes on Holiday: English Allegorical Drama and the Virtue Tradition

Terence Irwin

Luther’s Attack on Self-Love: The Failure of Pagan Virtue

Markku Peltonen

Virtues in Elizabethan and Early Stuart Grammar Schools

Stephen M. Fallon

Milton and Literary Virtue

Constance Furey

Relational Virtue: Anne Bradstreet, Edward Taylor, and Puritan Marriage

Michael Cornett

New Books across the Disciplines

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