What′s the Difference?: The Question of Theory

An issue of: differences

What′s the Difference?
Journal Issue Volume 21, Number 1 Published: 2010 An issue of differences
Special Issue Editor(s): Ellen Rooney, Elizabeth Weed


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1. "Women's Time" in Theory–Emily Apter

2. What Is the Institutional Form for Thinking?–Simon Critchley

3. The Short Happy Life of Black Feminist Theory–Ann duCille

4. Have I Been Destroyed? Answering to Authority and the Politics of the Father–Avital Ronell

5. The Fable of the Stork and Other False Sexual Theories–Joan Copjec

6. Between Irony and Revolution: Sexual Difference and the Case of Aufhebung–Miglena Nikolchina

7. The Practice of Feminist Theory–Elizabeth Grosz

8. Unbelonging: In Motion–Ranjana Khanna

9. What's the Difference? Religion and the Question of Theory–Elizabeth A. Castelli

10. The Graduate Student I Was, the Graduate Courses I Teach, and What Theory's Got to Do with It–Susan Gubar

11. I'm Not There: The Absence of Theory–Lee Edelman

12. Still Here: The Remains of Difference–Jacques Khalip

13. Here Are the Dogs: Poverty in Theory–Gayle Salamon

14. Thinking Differently–Elizabeth Cowie

15. Underbelly–Elizabeth A. Wilson

16. Reading for Pleasure–Elizabeth Weed

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