Vol. II: North America


Book Pages: 324 Illustrations: Published: February 1987

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The volume examines two communities in Canada, a Florida retirement community, and communities in Ohio, Nebraska, and California, as well as the relative situations of homeowners, blacks, and poor ethnic populations.



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Preface xi

Part I. Relatively Homogeneous Populations

1. Widows: North American Perspectives / Helena Znaniecka Lopata 3

2. American After Lives: Widowhood in Community Context / Christine L. Fry and Lauree Garvin 32

3. Attachment to Home and Support Systems of Older Widows in Columbus, OH / Shirley L. O'Bryant 48

4. Widows in a Florida Retirement Community / Anne Victoria Neale 71

5. The Influence of Religion on the Subjective Well-Being of the Widowed / Rubye Wilkerson Beck 95

6. Widows in Urban Nebraska: Their Informal Support Systems / Trudy B. Anderson 109

Part II. Comparisons and Contrasts

7. Support Systems for American Black Wives and Widows / Jessyna M. McDonald 139

8. Comparison of the Needs and Support Systems of Remarried and Nonremarried Widows / Margaret Gentry, Linda Rosenman, and Arthur D. Schulman 158

9. Widowhood as the Next Stage in the Life Course / Phyllis Silverman 171

10. Widowhood Among Low-Income Racial and Ethnic Groups in California / Anabel O. Pelham and William F. Clark 191

Part III. The Big Picture

11. Support Systems of Widows in Canada / Anne Marie Matthews 225

12. Activities, Religiosity, and Morale of Canadian Widowed Persons / Carol D. H. Harvey, Gordon E. Barnes, Leonard J. Greenwood, Rose Kabahenda-Nyakabwa 251

13. Brief Conclusions / Helena Zaniecka Lopata 273

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Notes 283

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