With All, and for the Good of All

The Emergence of Popular Nationalism in the Cuban Communities of the United States, 1848–1898

With All, and for the Good of All

Book Pages: 200 Illustrations: Published: March 1989

Author: Gerald E. Poyo

American Studies, Latin American Studies, Politics > Political Science

Cuban-Americans are beginning to understand their long-standing roots and traditions in the United States that reach back over a century prior to 1959. This is the first book-length confirmation of those beginnings, and its places the Cuban hero and revolutionary thinker José Martí within the political and socioeconomic realities of the Cuban communities in the United States of that era. By clarifying Martí’s relationship with those communities, Gerald E. Poyo provides a detailed portrait of the exile centers and their role in the growth and consolidation of nineteenth-century Cuban nationalism.
Poyo differentiates between the development of nationalist sentiment among liberal elites and popular groups and reveals how these distinct strains influenced the thought and conduct of Martí and the successful Cuban revolution of the 1890s.


“A fine study of the consolidation of nationalist ideas in Cuban revolutionary thought among exiles in the United States during the second half of the nineteenth century. . . . The thoughtful work of an able scholar.” — Jorge I. Domínguez, Hispanic American Historical Review

“Davis shows commendable restraint as she draws on impressive archival research and a wealth of secondary sources to describe in clear and measured prose the efforts of bureaucrats to manage a nuclear holocaust.” — Jeff Broadwater , American Communist History

“A solid, interesting, and original study of the consolidation of the nationalist ideal in Cuban revolutionary thought. It is a political/intellectual history that links the evolution of ideology to its social base in exile—an essential task in the reinterpretation of Cuban history. It draws on a wide range of sources, and is carefully argued. The work will be of interest to scholars of nationalism, of immigrant groups, and of revolutionary ideology, [and] is a significant contribution to the historiography on Cuba.” — Rebecca Scott


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