Writing French Colonial Histories

An issue of: French Historical Studies

Writing French Colonial Histories
Journal Issue Pages: 236 Volume 27, Number 3 Published: 2004 An issue of French Historical Studies
Special Issue Editor(s): Alice L. Conklin, Julia A. Clancy-Smith
Spanning four centuries—from seventeenth-century New France to current debates over the direction of France's Musée National des Arts et Traditions Populaires—this special issue of French Historical Studies focuses on colonialism in French history and explores the questions, problems, and approaches now under consideration by French colonial historians. Until recently, historians of France have fixed their attention on the nation-state, while scholars in colonial studies whose training focused on the peoples and cultures colonized by France were thought to have little to say about the metropole, or even about European colonials residing in the empire. Guest editors Alice L. Conklin and Julia Clancy-Smith, together with the six contributors to this innovative collection, demonstrate unsuspected convergences between the parallel narratives of these hitherto autonomous scholarly terrains and, in so doing, respond in powerfully suggestive ways to the rising scholarly interest in alternative, global perspectives on the past.

Contributors. Saliha Belmessous, Julia Clancy-Smith, Alice L. Conklin, Eric Jennings, Erica J. Peters, Clifford Rosenberg, Daniel J. Sherman, Owen White


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1. Introduction: Writing Colonial Histories–Alice L. Conklin and Julia Clancy-Smith

2. Etre français en Nouvelle-France: Identité française et identité coloniale aux dix-septième et dix-huitième siècles–Saliha Belmessous

3. The Decivilizing Mission: Auguste Dupuis-Yakouba and French Timbuktu–Owen White

4. Taste, Taxes, and Technologies: Industrializing Rice Alcohol in Northern Vietnam, 1902–1913–Erica J. Peters

5. Conservative Confluences, ‘‘Nativist’’ Synergy: Reinscribing Vichy’s National Revolution in Indochina, 1940–1945–Eric Jennings

6. The Colonial Politics of Health Care Provision in Interwar Paris–Clifford Rosenberg

7. “Peoples Ethnographic’’: Objects, Museums, and the Colonial Inheritance of French Ethnology–Daniel J. Sherman

8. News

9. Recent Articles on French History–Compiled by Jean-Pierre V. M. Hérubel

10. Abstracts

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ISBN Paperback: 978-0-8223-6604-1