Zhang Hongtu

Expanding Visions of a Shrinking World

Zhang Hongtu

Book Pages: 340 Illustrations: 120 color illustrations Published: December 2015

Art and Visual Culture > Art History, Asian Studies > East Asia

In this book, leading art experts, art historians, and critics review the life, career, and artistic development of New York based Chinese artist Zhang Hongtu. A pioneer in contemporary Chinese art, Zhang created the first example of "China Pop" art, and his oeuvre is as diverse, intellectually complex, and engaging as it is entertaining. From painting and sculpture to computer generated works and multimedia projects, Zhang's art is equally rich in terms of China's history and its current events, containing profound reflections on China's oldest cultural habits and contemporary preoccupations. He provides a model of cross-cultural interaction designed to make Asian and Western audiences look more closely at each other and at themselves to recognize the beliefs they hold and the unexamined values they adhere to.

From his early work in China during the Cultural Revolution to his decades as an artist in New York, Zhang reflects the complex attitudes of a scholar-artist toward modernity, as well as toward Asian and Western societies and himself.  Placing Zhang in the context of his cultural milieu both in China and in the Chinese immigrant artist community in America, this volume's contributors examine his adaptations of classic art to reflect a contemporary sensibility, his relation to Cubism and Social Realism, his collaboration with the celebrated fashion designer Vivienne Tam, and his visual critique of China's current environmental crisis. Zhang's work will be on display at the Queens Museum in New York City from October 17, 2015 to March 6, 2016.

Contributors: Julia F. Andrews, Alexandra Chang, Tom Finkelpearl, Michael Fitzgerald, Wu Hung, Luchia Meihua Lee, Morgan Perkins, Kui Yi Shen, Jerome Silbergeld, Eugenie Tsai, Thuy Linh Nguyen Tu, Lilly Wei

Co-published by the Queens Museum and Duke University Press.



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Jerome Silbergeld is P.Y. and Kinmay W. Tang Professor of Chinese Art History at Princeton University and the author of Body in Question: Image and Illusion in Two Chinese Films by Director Jiang Wen.

Luchia Meihua Lee is Guest Curator at the Queens Museum in New York City, the Executive Director of the Taiwanese American Arts Council, and the curator of numerous exhibitions.

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Acknowledgments  7
Foreword  10
1. The Displaced Artist Sees Things for Us: Zhang Hongtu and the Art of Convergence / Jerome Silbergeld  13
2. Wall, Gate, Hole: Three Recurrent Motifs in Zhang Hongtu's Art / Wu Hung  37
3. Zhang's Contemporary Cubism / Michael FitzGerald  56
4. The Man in the Moon: A Conversation with Zhang Hongtu / Eugenie Tsai  72
5. "A Hundred Ways to Learn" about Zhang Hongtu / Morgan Perkins  83
6. Restoring the Aura: Julia F. Andrews and Kuiyi Shen  101
7. Zhang Hongtu: Playing with Power / Alexandra Chang  114
8. Zhang Hontu's Fashionable Turn / Thuy Linh Nguyen Tu  130
9. Pop, Politics, and Painting / Lilly Wei  138
10. Zhang Hongtu's Queens / Tom Finkelpearl  155
11. What's Next for Us? Zhang Hongtu's Environmental Shan Shui / Luchia Meihua Lee  160
Plates  175
Autobiography  313
Selected Bibliography  323
Guide to Traditional and Simplified Chinese Characters  335
Credits  337
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